A La Carte Services

Our a-la-carte services can be added onto a detailing package or can be stand alone services.

Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights dull and oxidized? 


Do you have a difficult time driving at night and use your high beams just to see?


Do the dull headlights on your vehicle make it look much older than it is? 


U.S. Auto Spa can make dull, oxidized headlights look NEW and give you peace of mind when driving at night. 


We don't just cover up the oxidation; we remove it by sanding the lens with sandpaper. Starting with 500 grit, 800 grit, 1000 grit, 1500 and finishing with 3000 grit. Then polish and apply paint sealant. 


The results are AMAZING!



50% off when combined with any other service. 

Guaranteed for 24 months.

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Engine Detailing

There is nothing more impressive than opening your hood and having a clean and shiny engine. 

We apply degreaser to remove any buildup of grime and dirt. High pressure rinse followed by application of conditioner that leaves your engine looking showroom ready! 

Ask how you can receive a free engine detail.

Odor Removal

Did you recently purchase a pre owned vehicle that looks great but smells of cigarette smoke?

Do you have a mildew problem in your vehicle?

Did someone lose their lunch in your vehicle?

If you have a foul odor in your vehicle, U.S. Auto Spa can eliminate any odor with our specialized approach to odor removal. Your vehicle will be " Odor Neutral" when we finish with it.

We don't cover the odor up with sprays, we eliminate it. We also have professional grade equipment (ie. Dupray commercial steamer and a commercial rated carpet extractor) which allows us to achieve amazing results!

We don't use spray in carpet cleaners, like Resolve, and large amounts of water to clean your interior. Your interior will be completely dry within hours after we leave.

We also can replace the in cabin air filter in your vehicle. Many odors and germs get trapped in these filters. Replacing it will improve the air quality inside your vehicle.

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Cosmetic Alloy Wheel Repair

If you drive a vehicle that has Alloy Wheels, you will eventually ding them on a curb. Unfortunately, alloy wheels are very soft and damage easily.

If you have curb rash on your wheels, we can repair them for a fraction of the cost of replacing. We repair the damage, match the color and blend the color. We also apply clear coat.

The repair is undetectable and is guaranteed to last.

The beauty of it all is we come to you with our mobile detailing service!

Take a couple of pics of your damaged wheel and email them to: steven@usautospa.com, and we will contact you with a quote.

Leather Repair and Coating

Are your seats in your vehicle cracked, worn or faded?

U.S. Auto Spa has the know how to bring your leather seats back to like new condition.

We first match the color. Perform any necessary repairs and then apply a color matched solvent based coating. This coating has a flex additive which makes it a perfect application to renew your seats and bring back that new car look without that new car price!

Whether your vehicle is 10 days young or 10 years old, US Auto Spa will make your vehicle look amazing.

We always guarantee our work.

Take a couple of pics and email them steven@usautospa.com for a quote.

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Other Add-on Services

Polymer Paint Sealant

Polymer paint sealant is very much like a wax, although it last about six times longer.

Our paint sealant made by a Mequairs, contains Teflon. Very similar to a non stick pan in your kitchen. It bonds to your paint and provides a deep lustrous shine and protection from environmental contaminants.

It is important to have your vehicle exfoliated and protected every six months. This will insure that your paint is safe from anything that could damage your clear coat. Once you have clear coat damage the only option is a body shop.

Paint sealant provides protection from acid rain, industrial fall out, bird droppings and tree sap. It keeps contaminant in suspension until you have time to wash your vehicle. 

One important note - if you spend the money to have the exterior detailed, make sure your vehicle is washed in a PH balanced soap.
(No Dawn soap or simple green). I recommend Mequiars Crystal Car wash for maintenance washes. This will extend the life of the sealant. 

Before we apply any paint sealant, we exfoliate the paint using a Nano auto scrub pad. This replaced the "clay bar" which is actually old school technology. We apply a lubricating spray and with a circular motion remove all imbedded debris in the paint that car washing does not remove. This allows for a clean, fresh surface to apply sealant and does not trap any impurities under the sealant (a step that many other companies skip).

Ozone Treatment

If you have an odor in your vehicle that cannot be removed with a thorough interior detail, we offer an Ozone treatment.

This 12 hour process changes the ions in the air, very much like a thunder storm does. Positive to negative and negative to positive. You know how great the air smells after a thunderstorm!

This process is safe for your vehicle and the results are guaranteed.