Ceramic Paint Coatings For Any Vehicle

Professionally applied nano-coating to protect your vehicle's paint. 

U.S. Auto Spa has over 20 years of experience in automotive detailing. From basic detailing services like exterior and interior cleaning to ceramic coatings and paint correction, we can help you keep your vehicle in excellent shape.

We will come out to your location to detail your vehicle, boat, RV, motorcycle, etc. We use a waterless cleaning process that leaves the areas where we work clean and chemical free. Give us a call or fill out the form to receive a quote!

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Protective Paint Coating Services for Vehicles

Nano-coatings can make a big difference when it comes to protecting your vehicle's paint, leather/fabric, glass, and trim. Adding an extra layer of ceramic paint protection against the elements, these coatings will help your vehicle withstand water, debris, and weather. Learn more about these services below.

We also provide coatings for plastic trim and any metal surface.

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Why should I get a protective coating for my vehicle?

Getting a protective coating for your vehicle is about more than just the visual appeal of your vehicle – it’s about its lifetime value.

Everyone knows that the minute you drive a new vehicle of the lot, it drops in value. Over time, that value continues to decrease due to more "wear and tear". One way to keep up the value is to take good care of your vehicle – perform the regular maintenance, don’t get into an accident, and keep it in good condition.

Protective coatings help you keep your vehicle in good condition by adding an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s exterior paint, protecting it from the environmental stressors that will wear down the paint, causing your car to loose visual appeal.

What kinds of vehicles should get a ceramic car coating?

Any new vehicle or high-value vehicle should get a protective nano ceramic coating. It’s a great way to protect your investment long term and reduces future maintenance costs. Your motorcycle, boats, and RVs can also benefit from protective coatings.

What kind of protective paint coating should I get?

There are a number of different types of protective coatings and different manufacturers.

Waxes & Sealants

Most waxes or sealants last for 1-3 months and give your vehicle a nice shine. Some products require application and buffing, others do not. Car waxing is considered the traditional form of a protective coating, and it can be DIY or done by a professional. This usually costs $$-$$$.


A relatively new product, nano-coatings last from 2-5 years depending on the product being used. They are usually made from ceramics and can withstand environmental damage, such as bird droppings and chemicals. It can also reduce the number of scratches. This type of coating tends to be thicker. This type of coating usually requires a professional to apply, particularly as a detailed cleaning and paint correction may be needed prior to application. This usually costs $$$-$$$$.

Film / Clear Bra

The ultimate in protective coatings, clear film coatings were originally developed by the military to protect their vehicles. This coating is applied in sheets, being custom cut to fit your vehicle. They last 7+ and offer some self-healing properties. This type of coating requires a professional with a working garage where the film can be custom fitted to your vehicle. This usually costs $$$ - $$$$, particularly if you are getting your entire vehicle protected.

When is the best time to get an automotive ceramic coating?

The short answer – as soon as possible. The sooner you get a protective coating on your vehicle, the sooner it will be protected from further damage. We recommend that all new cars or recently remodeled vehicles get a coating at the next available opportunity.

Where can I get a protective coating?

Many auto body shops and auto detailing companies offer protective coating services, including us!

At US Auto Spa, we come out to your location at a time the best fits your schedule (and the weather). No more dropping off your vehicle and having to wait!