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A New Year, A New Car! How to protect your vehicle longterm.

So you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle, congratulations.

One of your concerns may be is how to keep that new vehicle that you just committed to looking and feeling new as it is today.

There are ways to protect the vehicle, both inside and out.

The the thing about purchasing a new vehicle, it looks great, it smells great, it’s clean, it shines. But quickly after purchasing the vehicle, it starts to lose that new car look. The solution is protecting the original, or the best, condition of the vehicle.

Protecting your vehicle’s exterior

With the exterior of the vehicle, the biggest concern is going to be the protection of the paint. Especially if your vehicle is not garaged,

If your vehicle is not kept in a protected location, the car paint will be subjected to 24-hour bombardment of, well, first of all, when it’s daylight, all those UV rays, and then the fallout from the trees, the industrial fallout, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain.

All those things start to etch your paint and that causes the original shine to diminish drastically. There are a few ways to protect that vehicle.

First is if you can garage your vehicle; that is the wisest and smartest thing to do. But not everyone has the ability to do so.

Second, do not take your vehicle to an automated car wash, because that will destroy your vehicle over time and break down any protection that is on the vehicle. Automated car washes seem like a quick, easy solution, but it’s not a detailed clean and it can scratch your vehicle, which makes it more susceptible to damage.

Third, we recommend getting a long-term protection for your vehicle by applying a ceramic car coating.

Why ceramic car coatings?

A ceramic coatings is a nano-glass ceramic coating. It’s also been called a sacrificial barrier for your paint. Let me explain that.

If some type of contaminants falls on your vehicle and it does happen to etch into the surface, the beauty about a ceramic coating is that is your sacrificial barrier. That can be polished out and re-coated, and the clear coat on your vehicle never was touched.

On a brand new vehicle, there’s an average of about four microns, maybe just a little bit more, of clear coat.

Let me put that in perspective. Four microns is less than the thickness of a dollar bill.

Think about the thinness of a dollar bill. If you have that little protection on your paint, you have to be very careful what you do to your car’s exterior on a regular basis.

For example, having your vehicle buffed with high-speed buffers on a regular basis isn’t a good idea. Why? Because every time the vehicle is buffed, it delineates a layer of that clear coat.

Ceramic coatings are very durable nano-glass protection that stand up to regular buffing (because it’s the nano-coating that will be buffed, not the clear coat), to environmental damage (ie. UV radiation, bird droppings, hard water, etc.) and industrial fallout (ie. overspray).

And ceramic coatings can protect not only your car paint, but also the exterior plastic molding and other surfaces.

And, depending on the type of ceramic coating, can last anywhere from 6 months to 9 years!

And, to add icing to the cake, washing your car will be effortless after getting a ceramic car coating. The water beads up and falls off. The dirt doesn’t stick to the paint. So your car stays cleaner longer, shinier longer, and also you have the peace of mind knowing that it is not subject to those type of fallouts.

Protecting the Interior

On the interior of the vehicle, if you have leather seats, pleather seats, the dash, the armrest, all those surfaces with the heat and with the sun are subject to degradation.

UV is the worst culprit of the situation, so one thing I would definitely recommend is getting or having your windows on your vehicle tinted. I would recommend using a ceramic window tint.

Ceramic window tint is great. It doesn’t make it where you look like you’re driving in a dark street. It just filters all those rays out, and so your interiors on your dash or your seats, the back of your vehicle, they’re not going to fade, they’re not going to dry out and crack.

We also offer coatings for leather, for fabric, and even for the dash of your vehicle to resist everything that would break it down.

Get car detailing services brought to you!

If you’re interested in keeping your vehicle looking as new as it was the day you purchased it, or if you have a vehicle that you’ve had for a little bit, you just want to maintain it, you want to make sure that it lasts and it shines and stays as good looking as it is today, contact us at US Auto Spa.

Losing that new car look happens so quickly after you purchase the vehicle. The solution is protecting the original or best condition of the vehicle and never losing that new look.


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