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In some parts of Atlanta, people spend nearly two weeks a year driving somewhere in their car. If you’ve been sick recently or even exposed to the Coronavirus or influenza (Flue Type A or B), you may want to consider getting your car disinfected. Because we spend so much time in the car, if you’ve been exposed to the Coronavirus, it can live on the surfaces of your vehicle for hours.

We are living in uncertain times. One thing is certain, however- we are all more aware of germs and how we spread them than ever before. We don’t know a lot about the COVID-19, but we do know that this is a specific type of Coronavirus that has been around for years. Most of us remember the H1N1 and SARS outbreaks from years ago.

As we learn more about this virus, we need to do everything we can to keep distant from each other in order to avoid spreading the disease, but we also need to make sure to clean both our homes and our cars as thoroughly as possible. We’re here to help.

Protect yourself, friends, and family. Call us and let’s talk about our detailing services to help disinfect your vehicle.


For more than 20 years now, we’ve worked with customers all around Atlanta to deliver professional detailing services. What makes us different is that we specialize in paint correction and car ceramic coating. We not only detail your car, but we have the ability to restore your vehicle nearly entirely. Most of our customers tell us that when we’re through, it looks like their car just rolled off the showroom floor. High praise indeed!

We come to you and deliver no-contact services. We even accept payment without ever having contact. That way, the next trip you take in your vehicle, it’s completely clean and safe.


If you have an odor in your vehicle that cannot be removed with a thorough interior detail then you may be interested in our ozone treatment service.

The ozone treatment is a twelve-hour process that reverses the polarities of the ions in the air and produces a scent very similar to that of a thunderstorm, leaving a fresh smell in your car and permanently eliminating stubborn odors.

Not only is our ozone treatment process totally safe for your vehicle, but the results are guaranteed!


For more than two decades, we’ve been detailing cars and bringing them back to their original luster around Atlanta. Your vehicle is your pride and joy. We just make it look amazing.

If you find your vehicle has imperfections in the paint, fading, or other issues, let’s talk about our paint correction Buford GA. There’s a great chance that we can fix the problems and amaze you with the results.

Our ceramic coating Buford GA protects your vehicle better than anything on the market. Imagine detailing your car and having the results last over 2 years! It’s a great way to keep your car looking showroom new all year round.

Remember that new car smell? We can do more than reminisce. We can return that new car smell to your vehicle. With our “Odor Neutral” approach and our on-site Atlanta odor removal Buford GA and detailing services, your vehicle will smell brand new without the hassle that comes with other auto maintenance companies. Give us a time and a place and we’ll be there with the equipment necessary to get your car or RV back into prime shape.

Contact us and let’s talk about any of our services- from disinfecting your car to getting rid of pesky odors. We’re the detailing service that’s here for you whenever you need us.


With over twenty years in the detailing business around Atlanta, US Auto Spa uses an “Odor Neutral” approach to interior odor removal. We use a commercial-grade steamer and carpet extractor to get the affected parts of your vehicle back to factory standard without using invasive cleaning methods that only cover up the odor.

We don’t use spray-on carpet cleaners or excess amounts of water, so your automobile will be dry and ready to drive within hours of the process. We take pride in our ability to totally eliminate odors so you can be certain that your vehicle will continue to smell fresh long after the odor removal is complete.

Our Comprehensive Atlanta Odor Removal Process includes:

  • Complete deep cleaning of affected areas
  • Total odor removal; we don’t just mask the odor, we eliminate it completely
  • Optional upholstery or leather protection; our protective solution prevents staining and odors for years into the future

With US Auto Spa, there’s no odor too strong for us to remove. We use a comprehensive method to ensure that your automobile will smell fresh no matter what, guaranteed.

In addition to using commercial quality cleaning equipment, we can also switch out the contaminated cabin air filter in your vehicle for a new one, which has the added benefit of increasing the air quality in your car. For particularly stubborn odors we recommend an ozone treatment. This twelve-hour process will work at an atomic level to eliminate all odors and leave your car smelling totally fresh.

Our odor removal process is a multifaceted process that requires a strong background of experience and a comprehensive set of specialized tools; at US Auto Spa, we can provide all of this and more, with professional odor removal services. With easy online scheduling, an appointment is only a few clicks away no matter where you are in Atlanta.

We serve metro Atlanta, Gainesville, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Buford, Braselton, Flowery Branch, Lawrenceville, Sugar Hill, and the Atlanta metro area. If you’re ready to give your vehicle a fresh scent then schedule an appointment with US Auto Spa today!


Getting your car detailed has never been as easy. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Contact us and set up an appointment.
  2. Leave your car unlocked
  3. We’ll take care of the rest.

We make it easy to pay us so that you never have any contact with our staff. The entire process takes place at your location, and we always maintain the guidelines of social distancing.

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We offer car detailing Buford GA that is customized to suit your car’s needs. We make car spa services affordable for every car owner out there. Whether you need car detailing Buford GA, car scratch repair, or car wax protection, we have a car detailing service that will suit your needs.

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Our friendly and professional technicians provide you with top-notch customer service every time! No matter how big or small your car detailing Buford GA needs are, we can handle them.

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When it comes to car detailing Buford GA, we live and breathe perfection. All of our technicians are trained to the highest standards so that they can perform an amazing car detailing Buford GA service for your car!

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