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It’s a simple fact that we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. It’s important to make that time as enjoyable as possible, and while we can’t do much for the traffic around Atlanta, we can help make the interior of your vehicle much more pleasant with car detailing and odor removal services. Don’t dread your drive. Let the experts at US Auto Spa give you that new car smell back.

We use an “Odor Neutral” approach to correct the odor of your car’s interior. Even better, you never have to worry about finding us. We come to you! Simply call us and let’s set up a time and place. We’ll come to your home or office and leave your vehicle smelling wonderful.

Far and away, the most common request we get is for help removing cigarette smells from the interior of their vehicle. We have a systematic process that addresses that

Our Odor Removal Process

With more than 20 years in the car detailing business, we have learned a thing or two about how to remove unwanted or unpleasant odors from the interior of your car. That makes us odor experts!

Our secret weapon is that we use a commercial-grade steamer and carpet extractor to work on affected parts of your vehicle. This helps us bring your interior back to factory standards without the need for invasive cleaning methods that only serve to cover up instead of removing the cause of the odor.

Even better, we don’t use the spray in carpet cleaners or excess amounts of water, so your automobile will be dry and ready to drive shortly after our process. We take pride in our ability to totally eliminate odors so you can be certain that your vehicle will continue to smell fresh long after the odor removal Buford GA is complete.


If you have an odor in your vehicle that cannot be removed with a thorough interior detail then you may be interested in our Atlanta ozone treatment service.

For particularly stubborn odors we recommend an ozone treatment. This involves a process that will work at an atomic level to eliminate all odors and leave your car smelling totally fresh. Not only is our ozone treatment process totally safe for your vehicle, but the results are guaranteed!

When it comes to car odor removal for vehicles around Atlanta, we use a multifaceted process that’s based on more than 20 years of experience along with the most modern technology. We provide this on-site along with our car detailing services. Schedule an appointment for us to come out to treat your vehicle today.


  • Complete deep cleaning of affected areas
  • Total odor removal; we don’t just mask the odor, we eliminate it completely
  • Optional upholstery or leather protection; our protective solution prevents staining and odors for years into the future

With US Auto Spa, there’s no odor too strong for us to remove because we use a comprehensive method to ensure that your automobile will smell fresh no matter what.

In addition to using commercial quality cleaning equipment, we can also switch out the contaminated cabin air filter in your vehicle for a new one, which has the added benefit of increasing the air quality in your vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

We offer car detailing Buford GA that is customized to suit your car’s needs. We make car spa services affordable for every car owner out there. Whether you need car detailing Buford GA, car scratch repair, or car wax protection, we have a car detailing service that will suit your needs.

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Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices for our car detailing Buford GA. Don’t get ripped off by overcharging car detail shops! We will make sure that your final price is very reasonable!

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Friendly and Professional

Our friendly and professional technicians provide you with top-notch customer service every time! No matter how big or small your car detailing Buford GA needs are, we can handle them.

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High-quality results

When it comes to car detailing Buford GA, we live and breathe perfection. All of our technicians are trained to the highest standards so that they can perform an amazing car detailing Buford GA service for your car!

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